If you can think it, you can do it.  

Experience has proven this truth.  

There is no stopping a clear vision paired with 110% dedication and hard work.  

Start a nonprofit, run for elected office, open a business, name a problem and be part of the solution, teach what you know. 

Don’t underestimate the power of this equation:  

Spark Curiosity + Empower with Knowledge and Skills = Inspire Action.  

This strategy, if focused on the world’s youth, can have significant, lasting, positive impact on any issue facing the health and well-being of people and our planet.

What a highlight to meet Marion Nestle, a pioneering leader of the Good Food Movement, at  the James Beard Foundation conference.  

Personal networking and sharing experiences lead to powerful strategic partnerships, a more informed approach, and greater impact in our drive for positive change.  

What’s more fun than helping entrepreneurs transform passion and ideas into reality? 

This was a terrific day in the early stages of incubating and hatching Britt’s Pickles at a busy Seattle Tilth Harvest Festival.

Find ways to make the pie bigger instead of fighting for only our piece.  

Develop projects that bring groups together, harnessing the unique skills, expertise, and communities of different organizations to work toward common goals.  

Multiple stakeholders working in concert leverage greater resources, build a sense of shared purpose, and have greater impact than working alone or in a mindset of competition.

Sometimes all it takes is one.  

Invest in the right people, create the most impactful program, and make a high visibility demonstration of your theory of change.  

Bringing the Pure Food Kids workshop into the largest elementary school in the largest school district in the country quickly catapulted the program’s reach to more than 100 schools, impacting thousands of students each year in New York City.